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18. March 2020

UP&UPC – Decision of German Constitutional Court expected on Friday

Regarding the long-awaited decision of the German Constitutional Court concerning the Constitutional Complaint against the UPC Agreement, please be informed that the decision is expected to be published on Friday, March 20, 2020.


06. March 2020

We welcome the recommendation of WTR 1000*

"From filings and renewals to pre-dispute counselling and litigation, Kuhnen & Wacker impresses with the quality of its work at every turn. Handling more than 4,500 active files, the team communicates clearly and precisely at all times. Clients are always kept informed of any updates and receive the perfect level of advice. It is not just the set that garners effusive praise from all corners of the market, practice head Christian Thomas does too. Extremely trustworthy and reliable, Christian delivers top-notch results. He is responsive and to the point, as well as being great fun to work with. An excellent lawyer, he partners well with companies that have international ambitions."

*WTR 1000 is the world's only independent multimedia publication dedicated exclusively to reporting on trademark issues for in-house and private practitioners internationally.

01. February 2020

30th European Intellectual Property Seminar Freising

This year our seminar will take place from October 4 to 8, 2020. More details will follow.

02. January 2020

We welcome in our team

We are pleased to announce that after Patent Attorney Jürgen Oberdorfer has joined our firm in the course of last year, Patent Attorney Stephan Spranger has become a member of our team as of January 1, 2020, as we continue to increase our team of highly qualified attorneys.

20. December 2019

The UPC will be operational in early 2021

Alexander Ramsey, head of the UPC Preparatory Committee, made this daring prediction in an interview with Juve Patent.
Read more to find out what makes him so confident that his prognosis will become true.

20. December 2019

Lone warrior – The man behind the German constitutional complaint against the UPC agreement

A Juve Patent article sheds light on the yet mysterious authorship of the constitutional complaint that delayed the start of the UPC and made its proponents nervous. Read more here!

12. December 2019

Publication by Dr. Christian Thomas

EU design case law - another challenge for the car industry?
Designs - A Global Guide 2020, WTR

25. November 2019

UP&UPC – German Constitutional Complaint – Decision in early 2020

An interview of Managing Intellectual Property with Prof. Dr. Huber, Judge Rapporteur at the German Constitutional Court has been published recently. Judge Huber is responsible for the Constitutional Complaint against the UPC. He explained that a decision can be expected during early 2020 (first quarter of 2020).

(Please follow for interview)

However, even if the complaint is dismissed, it is not clear when and how the German government will take up further actions to complete the ratification in view of the ongoing BREXIT saga. Again, we need patience to see which news we will receive from the German Constitutional Court while waiting in parallel for the outcome of the UK's parliamentary elections on December 12, 2019 as well as the outcome of the new BREXIT date January 31, 2020.

In any case, we will keep you posted so keep an eye on news at K&W.

31. October 2019

Publication by Rainer K. Kuhnen

Artificial intelligence: the implications for patents
Patents in Europe 2019/2020, IAM

25. July 2019

International IP Practice Seminar Chicago

On November 4 to 5, 2019 we will present our Seminar in cooperation with WIPO at John Marshall Law School. Details can be found here.