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December 2019

Lone warrior – The man behind the German constitutional complaint against the UPC agreement

A Juve Patent article sheds light on the yet mysterious authorship of the constitutional complaint that delayed the start of the UPC and made its proponents nervous. Read more here!

December 2019

Publication by Dr. Christian Thomas

EU design case law - another challenge for the car industry?
Designs - A Global Guide 2020, WTR

November 2019

UP&UPC – German Constitutional Complaint – Decision in early 2020

An interview of Managing Intellectual Property with Prof. Dr. Huber, Judge Rapporteur at the German Constitutional Court has been published recently. Judge Huber is responsible for the Constitutional Complaint against the UPC. He explained that a decision can be expected during early 2020 (first quarter of 2020).

(Please follow for interview)

However, even if the complaint is dismissed, it is not clear when and how the German government will take up further actions to complete the ratification in view of the ongoing BREXIT saga. Again, we need patience to see which news we will receive from the German Constitutional Court while waiting in parallel for the outcome of the UK's parliamentary elections on December 12, 2019 as well as the outcome of the new BREXIT date January 31, 2020.

In any case, we will keep you posted so keep an eye on news at K&W.

October 2019

Publication by Rainer K. Kuhnen

Artificial intelligence: the implications for patents
Patents in Europe 2019/2020, IAM

July 2019

International IP Practice Seminar Chicago

On November 4 to 5, 2019 we will present our Seminar in cooperation with WIPO at John Marshall Law School. Details can be found here.

May 2019

Location of UPC’s Central Division in Paris

In connection with the seat of the Central Division in Paris, there have now been reports that, at least initially, the UPC will be located on the Quai de la Mégisserie, overlooking the Ile de la Cité. It was further reported that a few years after the Court opens and depending on the number of cases the Court may move to the Palais de Justice on the Ile de la Cité.

May 2019

Meet Kuhnen & Wacker at the CMEF

Meet us at the China International Medical Equipment Fair in Shanghai, China, from May 14 to 17, 2019. We are looking forward to seeing you at our Booth No. 5.1K13!

May 2019

European Intellectual Property Seminar Freising 2019

Please find here more details of the program of our seminar from October 6 to 10, 2019 and register online.

April 2019


Much ado about nothing – for the time being

During the night of April 10, 2019 the extraordinary EU summit in Brussels granted UK a further delay of the Brexit. EU Council President Donald Tusk confirmed that the October 31 extension has been accepted by the British Prime Minister Theresa May and agreed by the UK. This new date is some compromise as calls for a longer extension have been blocked by, amongst others, French President Emmanuel Macron and the Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Hence, the No-Deal Brexit on April 12, 2019 is avoided and we have to wait again to see what will happen within the next months.

March 2019

Breaking News - BREXIT

The British Parliament voted on the Brexit agreement PM May negotiated with the EU.

However, as twice before, the British Parliament voted against (344 to 286) the agreement. As a result, things continue to remain uncertain.

In fact, the next decisive date is April 12 and we are facing a no-deal Brexit unless the UK surprisingly comes up with a final solution as to how to proceed.

The EU immediately called for a new summit on April 10. Until then, the UK has to present a solution so that a decision is possible by April 12.

That being said, I wish you all a nice weekend and a lot of patience until we see which news we will receive from the UK and/or EU by April 10.