Schreibmaschine mit Blatt

Shark tank of patents

People with exciting, unusual business ideas and new inventions – this is what defines the TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen". Founders, young entrepreneurs and inventors present their products and business ideas to the "Löwen", a jury made up of prominent business figures. The aim is to convince the successful major entrepreneurs to invest in the business idea presented. Often it is noticeable: Registered patents ensure the "wow" effect, the "hook" and immediate attention of the big business. This is proof of the patent's reputation. But a pending patent is certainly not yet a granted one. Patent protection is not easy to obtain. And that is also noticeable in the show. We took this as an opportunity to get to the bottom of the presented patent applications. From the point of view of patent law experts, the following is discussed: What is it about and why were the applications granted or not granted? What could have been done differently, better?


on May 27, 2024

KitchBo presents an intelligent silicone baking mat: thanks to its pyramid structure, the food rests on the mat in spots, allowing optimum air circulation, making turning unnecessary and giving meat, fish and vegetables an all-round crispy texture.  Liquids collect at the edges so that the food does not stand in its own fat.


on December 21, 2022


on November 23, 2022


on November 24, 2021


on October 18, 2021